R. T. Perry and Co.
Nuclear Science and Engineering Consultants
Gaea Scientific
Dr. Perry´s Resume
BS   Chemical Engineering -  1961    Texas A&M University
MS  Nuclear Engineering -     1968    Texas A&M University
PhD Nuclear Engineering -    1974    Texas A&M University

Over 30 years experience in radiation shielding, reactor physics computational modeling and analysis of nuclear fusion and fission reactors. Development and/or use of analytical codes and large integrated code systems for use in reactor and shielding analysis. University teaching experience as assistant professor in nuclear engineering on the graduate and undergraduate levels. Author or co-author of over 200 technical papers and reports. Registered Professional Engineer and Past President Los Alamos Chapter Society of Professional Engineers. Member International Radiation Physics Society and American Nuclear Society. Adjunct Professor of Nuclear Engineering at Texas A&M University and the University of Texas.    Laboratory Associate at the  Los Alamos National Laboratory.
1st Lieutenant US Army - Korea (1961-1963)  Senior Scientist, EG&G Inc. (1967-1968) Research Scientist, Interatom - Germany (1972-1974) Sr. Engineer, Battelle Research Laboratory (1974-1979) Research Scientist, University of Wisconsin (1979-1981) Assistant Professor, Penn State (1981-1983) and Texas A&M University (1983-1986),  Technical Staff,  Los Alamos National Laboratory
Consultant / Visiting Scientist to:  Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory, Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Germany, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, and the National Institute for Nuclear Research in Mexico.
American Nuclear Society Activities: ANS Member since 1964. Chaired and organized several special sessions at RP&S Topicals and ANS meetings. RP&S Executive Committee. Deputy Chair of RP&S Technical Program Committee. Chair ANS Standards Committee19.3.4.
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